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Lakeside Machine

.17 HMR Belt-feds

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 Lakeside Machine is proud to announce the availability of the only belt-fed 17HMR firearms in the world! As an option  we are offering all our M2 series miniatures in this new cartridge. We can build your M2 miniature to be convertible from 22 magnum to 17 HMR. We would be happy to  build  your M2 with BOTH barrel assemblies. If you already have an old M2 Tippmann we can fit your gun with our 17 cal barrel assemblies for the conversion. You must forward your receiver to us for fitting and head spacing for proper function. 

Barrel conversions are $375.00 completed and fit to your gun with a new barrel carrier handle assembly. A new gun ordered in just the 17 HMR cal is only $100.00 more than the 22 magnum units.

M2's ordered with both 17 and 22 barrels are $350.00 more than the original cost of a 22 magnum M2.

Email us at for more details.


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