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Lakeside Machine Products

Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Keeping jobs in America


Gun Type/ Accessory 

Micro Beltfed  Brownings Rimfire

 Limited production quantities/FFL Required

Sold out


22LR Beltfed Upper conversion for AR15  Type Rifles 

Last run available 1st quarter 2014


Lakeside Machine LM7

Parts and Service Only

Out of production



LM7 Accessories

Barrels, Feed boxes, Brass catchers, cycle rate reduction systems, dress up kits

Factory direct sales

Belt/Link Loading Kit

Reload Belts and Links Quickly

8 piece kit  



Belts and Disintegrating Links  

Call 870-670-4867 

AR15 pistol kit buffer tube plug/cap

Replaces the buffer tube with a threaded plug

Direct sales! 

Call now!

Ceiner/Atchisson M16/AR15 Springs

6 Piece  Reliability Spring Kit

2 different hammer, 3 recoil and one disconnector spring in each kit

$23.00 delivered

HK Model 21 Part

HK Model 21 Belt-fed Cartridge Stops, Almost out of stock!

Call now!!



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