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Title 1 Photo Gallery

The highlighted links below will take you to the photo's of the listed items. The items listed are firearms we have come across and had the opportunity to photograph. Some of these firearms are one of a kind and are seldom seen. Please don't ask if they are for sale for some of them are simply not ours to sell.......simply enjoy viewing them.

Tippmann Arms Company Prototype Belt-fed 22

Miniature 2mm pin fires and other

Colt 1851 Navy miniature

Hand made Remington Prototype rifle

Furr Arms Co. Model 1893 1/3 scale Gatling Guns

Furr Arms Co. Model 1874 1/3 scale Gatling Gun

Furr Arms Co. James SIX Pounder Cannon

Furr Arms Co. Model 1876 1/6 scale Camel Gatling Gun

Furr Arms Co. and Tippmann group picture 

Furr Arms Co. Model 1876 Camel gatling Guns

 MGM studios movie gun

Miniature Hit&Miss Gas Engine

Pair of French miniature dueling pistols



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